Facility and Instrumentation

  • Field strengths at 400, 500, 600, and 700MHz – 1H , 19F, and X nuclei from 15N – 31P
  • Most systems have cryogenic NMR probes for maximum sensitivity
  • Several systems are highly automated for routine NMR
  • 800 and 900 MHz available for scientifically justified samples
  • Modern systems, highly experienced and dedicated staff

Major Service Categories

  • Protein NMR projects and data collection for metabolomics studies
  • Fragment-based screening and lead discovery
  • NMR of natural products for structure elucidation (mass limited samples)
  • Medicinal chemistry support
  • Metabolomics (urine, blood, other bio-fluids)
  • Routine NMR for organic synthesis

Details of services offered to EQNMR users:

Synthetic and medicinal chemistry support

  • Walkup environment to maximize throughput and convenience for routine samples
  • Full complement of optimized one and two-dimensional experiments
  • Structure verification services available via our corporate partners

NMR for structure elucidation of natural products and mass limited samples

  • Full complement of 1D and 2D NMR techniques for challenging molecules
  • Cryogenic probes are available to provide absolute highest sensitivity
  • 5, 3, and 1.7mm tubes can be accommodated to optimize sensitivity and expt. time
  • State-of-the-art Non-uniform sampling for heteronuclear experiments

Fragment-based screening and lead discovery

  • Well developed ligand and protein-detected fragment screening platform
  • Fragment libraries (proton and fluorine) available for screening
  • 1H and 19F detection for assessment and characterization of ligand binding
  • Liquid handler for sample prep and high capacity auto-sampler for data collection

Property-based ligand binding studies

  • Assessment and characterization of non-fragment ligands that bind macromolecules
  • Rapid identification of ligand aggregation or solubility issues
  • NMR assessment of hits from HTS or other screening methods

Protein NMR services

  • Data collection and processing in preparation for resonance assignments for small to medium sized proteins
  • All protein NMR systems are modern and equipped with cryogenic probes
  • Advice on sample preparation for NMR studies


  • Data collection for any type of bio-fluid or soluble cell or tissue extract samples
  • 1H and 31P NMR capability

Specialty projects can be considered – contact Greg Heffron ( (gregory_heffron[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu))

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