On this page you will find links to useful documents. The first details the rules for using the facility, which all users must follow. The New User Application form is a new webform that all new users will need to complete before they can become a user of the Bio-NMR Core at the Harvard Medical school location. The DFCI Internal New users webform is now only for new DFCI users who want to use the 500 MHz NMR at DFCI. 2D NMR for the Chemist may be helpful if you want a better understanding of  basic two-dimensional NMR techniques. The final document will tell you how to best utilize the NMR workstation on which you can work up data at no charge.

NMR Facility Rules of Use

NMR Facility New User Applicaton

DFCI Internal New Users ONLY

2D NMR for the Chemist

Using the NMR workstation

Harvard University Privacy Statement

Instructions on how to navigate the NMR facility new user application

PubMed list of Bio NMR Core Publications