Scheduling of Instrument Time

Each instrument operates according to a unique schedule designed to make optimal use of resources. Some NMR's are open access and some require submission of a request for booking NMR time. There is a link for each non-open access instrument labeled "submit a request for NMR time". Submitting the request will generate an email to the NMR Manager and your request will be filled according to available time and facility rules.

Bio-NMR 700MHz Scheduling Guidelines

Use of this machine is restricted to advanced users only.
All users must be specificaly trained by one of the staff.

Bio-NMR NMR EQ600 Scheduling Guidelines

All experiments must be arranged by request. Please use the
link below to request time and describe what you require
(experiements, estimated time etc...) .One of the staff will
review your request and let you know when time is available.

Bio- NMR NMR 400 Scheduling Guidelines

Special experiments (i.e. longer time) need to be cleared with
Charlie and scheduled at least a week in advance.

DFCI 500 Scheduling Guidelines

This is an open access instrument. Special experiments
(ie longer time) need to be cleared with the staff at least
one week in advance.

Bio-NMR b600 Scheduling guidelines

This machine is dedicated to Protien NMR experiments in the NMR core. It is set up for advanced users. Please contact the staff if you have interest in being trained for using this instrument.

NEO 600 Scheduling Guidelines

This machine is set up as a mixed use instrument, with set times for small molecule use and set times for protien experiments. It is considered one of our 'Advanced users' instruments. Please contact the NMR Core staff if you are interested in setting up a training session.